Knowledge of building energy and energy use are key elements to working with energy efficiency and making the right decisions in regards to both new construction and existing buildings. Knowledge of this can to some extent be gained by reading books. However, we believe that, together with practical experience, the best way to gain knowledge about these issues is to work actively with an easy to use, practical and reliable energy calculation program.

How, otherwise, should one get the answers to the following questions e.g.:

  • What is most profitable, to install air-or waterborne comfort cooling?
  • What is the difference in cooling and heating requirements if window A is chosen instead of Window B?
  • What happens to the indoor temperature if I rebuild/build onto my existing building and would like to keep the old cooling system?
  • Which type of climate system approach will provide the lowest electricity consumption?
  • How does the building design and location affect the need for refrigeration and thermal energy?
  • Which heat production system has the lowest life cycle cost, heat pump or pellet boiler with solar?

BV2 plays an important function in these situations! Although BV2 is a very easy application with a low learning curve, it can sometimes be good to get some help along the way.
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