BV² - Introduktion

During the development of BV2, we have worked in accordance to these four guiding principles

  • Easy

  • Fast

  • Reliable

  • For all types of buildings

..and it is easy to use

A good energy calculation program must meet these four points in order to function in practical contexts. Below we provide you with a brief introduction to BV2.

It is easy to learn BV2
It only takes an hour to learn how to use BV2. Practical applications take even less time, allowing you to start working with the program directly without first having to necessarily read the manual or take the course. BV2 is useful in a practical way and self instructive, which reduces the risk for making mistakes.
The input of data is what takes the most time in the energy calculation. We therefore deliberately made it possible to start from relatively few input data, making BV2 particularly suited for situations where it can be difficult to obtain a wide range of data on a construction, e.g. during conversion or at an early stage of construction.

You can use BV2 in all stages of a building’s lifetime
BV2 can easily be used during a building's entire lifetime, from an early system stage, under detailed design and up to the stage of management. This is made possible by the fact that the input quantity can be changed, from relatively simple to more complex, during the building’s construction process, and when the detailed design is ongoing. BV2 can advantageously be used in both new construction as well as reconstruction. In the very early stages of the construction process, BV2Arch can be used to your advantage.

  …and you can manage all types of buildings
BV2 makes it possible to manage all types of buildings. You can choose between a number of different climate air handling systems and heating units, which gives you better adaptability. This in combination with optional graphical input for the building and the input of data for complex internal activities means that there are few buildings that BV2 cannot manage. 

You get clear and rapid results
Indoor temperature in addition to heating and cooling requirements are presented in tables, bar charts and duration diagrams. Results are updated immediately after infeed. Heating, electricity and cooling are presented separately, thereby increasing transparency. In addition, the cost and viability of the various options are presented in a very concise and clear way.  

…and the results are reliable

The calculation model of BV2 is based on results from a doctoral thesis at Chalmer’s University of Technology. In addition, BV2 is tested against an internationally recognized calculation program, DOE-2, with a very good match. BV2 is also compared with a variety of real buildings with a very good match.   

BV2 is continuously adapted to new standards and regulations

The program meets all the requirements for calculation programs in the Energy Directive on energy certification of buildings. BV2 can of course account for energy use and requirements in accordance to BBR.

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