BV2 Nytt i version 2012
Version 2012

I BV2 In BV2 version 2012 has we endowed the following new functions and possibilities:


§In this version is now possibility to automatically try differently possible proposed actions on a building. The program chooses automatically the measures that are profitable and orders them and the possible combinations of these in profitability order uniting equal 'Totalprojekt'
§Calculation of specific energy use and account according to BBR 19.
§Showing value of the month.
§Shut down units divides of years.
§Showing the heat balance.
§Part's for annual value,
§Part's for month worth and
§Part's for different ambient temperature
§Possibility to calculate carbon dioxide wastes
§Help to decide ventilation flow from health requirements.
§Showing a air flow profile over the year.
§Showing the distribution of the solar radiation over the year
§Possibility to pretend various variations of SFP
§Handling of own generated electricity from e.g. sun cells
§Help in order to decide values on occupying heat generation from the activity in the building
§Help in order to decide presence in block of flat from statistic
§variable air flow in CAV sytem
§Store wall structure uvalue calculations
§To calculate wind pressure on building

Currently version 2012 is only released in Swedish version.

Version 2010

§Possibility to insert the different demand for indoor temperature for week day and weekend day pursues description of the climate attitude system and internal activity
§Calculation of specific energy use and account according to BBR 2008.
§Possibility to insert horizon blocking for building and also for solar collectors
§Possibility to manipulate the outdoor means temperature for select site
§New climate files. now total 41 sites
§Ppossibility to use outdoor temperature controled air flow.
§Possibility to pretend houses on pillars.
§Simpler procedures for solar shadings
§Showing heating from the sun's and people.
§Possibility to adjust the temperature on the air at air intake to the ventilation system.
§Sophisticated data entry on the heat recycling.
§Possibility to adjust the turnoffs after exhaust air tempertur, and to state the settings for the compensation of defrosting.
§Help to decide the air leakage with the aid of sample dates.

Currently version 2010 is only released in Swedish version.

Version 2007

Currently, version is 2007 released in Swedish, English and Estonian version.

§The program meets now all well-known requirements on simulation program according to Swedish councils demand 'Energidirektivet'
§Calculation of specific energy use and account according to BBR.
§New possibility to link heat producing units to the building's energy needs, e.g. solar collectors, heat pumps, different pans and combinations of these.
§Newly improved economy function; possibility to directly compare up to five differently alternative. The member can chooses the complexity in data entry.
§New account of energy use; part's account of necessary fuel/primary energy pursue the building's heat needs, part's account of the building's energy use (as earlier). The account happens both in table and pile diagrams.
§Graphical data entry that in BV2Arch is integrated in version 2007. BV2Arch is however still separately as free of charge version.
§Effect of cold piers can be calculated separately.
§Calculation of average U-value “Um” is done separately.
§New possibility that used type buildings and build own production type buildings.
§Roof window can be integrated in the ceiling structure.
§Account of distribution of energy losses for transmission, ventilation e.g.
§Improved algoritm of persons' heat generation.