BV² - Användare
BV2 och BV2Arch are tools that are used in order to few replies on how a building's energy use becomes based on the choices that are done concerning the actual building and its HVAC systems. The tools are deliberately tailored in order to function practical situations during construction - and the administrative process.
New building
BV2Arch are the tool for architects/construction consultants and clients/real-estate owners. BV2Arch is formulated in order to be used in the early state of a building's process before technical systems been chosen. Focus lies here on the building's formulation and which effects the building's geometric mould, direction, façade structure, choices of window type and façade design and solar shadings may for effect on the building 's heat surplus respective heat deficits.

BV2 is the tool that takes at after BV2Arch. Files as been created in BV2Arch can of course be read in in BV2and is processed furthermore. Here, we speak then about the system stage and the project small stage then the building e.g. provided with technical systems in order to heat, chill and to ventilate the building. In these stages works HVAC consults and project era spirit HVAC entrepreneurs with choosing and dimension era these systems. BV2 can then help them to choose technical systems that function along with the building so that the energy use to be minimized concurrentlely as climate requirements and profitability is maintained. For architects/construction consultants that want to further to deepen themself in questions that concern buildings' energy use, BV2 is of course to recommend.

Existing building
In an existing building ithere arer most often limited possibilities to influence the building's geometric mould, direction, basis structure, and façade design. Here is the therefore BV2 as is the natural choice. Although it of course is all possibilities to influence the building's fundamental appearance also in BV2 so is the most often questions about renovating or replacement of windows, addition isolation, solar shadings, activity changed and completion or change of technical systems/control (heat, chill ventilation) that is current to analyze and few one good decision-making bases on.

These questions employ mainly real-estate owners, construction consultants, HVAC consults, HVAC entrepreneurs, energy consults and independent experts, what will work with energy declaration of buildings. All these have big good of BV2 then an one existing building energy will be rendered more effective.

With the user friendly formulation and extensive graphical result presentation, BV2 is suitably in education contexts. That with a simple but nevertheless reliable tools that BV2 can laborites and examine how the energy use (heat, chill and electrical) influenced by various formulations and measures in building with its HVAC equipments. Students get a better knowledge and understanding about buildings' energy use. It is of course these students that will hollow the energy use in the settlement with 20 - 50% the nearest 20 - the 50 years!

Already today BV2 are used in the education on university level on e.g.. Chalmers Göteborg, KTH Stockholm, Karlstad universities, Örebro universities and the State's agriculture university.

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